Cameron highland (3)

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late update for the cameron trip again
we went to some places that quite popular at cameron too
for example
there were full of people
and quite alot of interesting things to see
we went for 2 nights of the PasarMalam
get alot of Strawberry stuff there * lol*



honey?/beehive?? o.o"

next was the
big strawberrry farm & cactus farm~~~

im a strawbeery~~lol

will tell u all about other places in another post ya
cameron is a very quiet and peace place
no night activity/entertainment and all that
every1 sleep early there @@""
but at least go there for once
experience the cool weather
pretty flowers and plants
enjoy slow pace of life there
without all the stressful thingy in the city =)



Enjoy life, enjoy makan, enjoy everything in your life. Learn anything that you want while you are young with no regrets.


Kelvin said...

Real beehives for sale?! U will find busy cities in Malaysia quiet if u live in Singapore XD

liwei said...

i know la~~i mean realax there ma~~~~ msia n sg of course different level of bz~~~~ =P

Thomas Lee said...

Big Red Strawberry farm is a nice place to visit.

liwei said...

yeap!quite alot to see and buy

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